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How do I apply for a wholesale account?2019-07-11T16:06:58-05:00

To apply for a wholesale/re-seller account please submit the following form:

Partner Registration

How does my decor arrive?2019-07-11T16:09:04-05:00

We package and ship all orders VIA UPS L.T.L. Freight on standard pallets.  Please see our freight & logistics details on our partner resources page:

Partner Resources

Partner Registration

How much decor fits in each box?2019-07-11T16:10:37-05:00

This depends on the size of decor products you have ordered.  Please see our Box Count Calculator here:

Partner Resources


How many boxes fit on a skid?2019-06-20T23:00:19-05:00

For standard size shipping pallets/skids we can safely secure upright:

  • 4 – Tree Boxes (24″x24″x82″), or
  • 3 – Garland Boxes (16″x36″x72″), or
  • 2 – Tree Boxes + 1 Garland Box

Average weight per skid / Handling Unit (H/U) is 375#lbs.


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